Ever since I was a child, dogs have been a part of our family and I truly believe that the many families that are lucky enough to share their homes and lives with dogs are better for it. I personally feel there is a family destined for every dog, and for every family, there is a perfect dog that is “unlike any other” destined to be theirs.

For a child, It is an awakening of the soul to love an animal and it is a spiritual connection for that animal to love him or her back. To look into the eyes of another creature and know without a doubt that from top of its nose to the tip of its tail and to the bottom of its paws you are loved is an incredible realization. And you realize this without a dog having the ability to say it, tweet it, stream it or text it, you just know.

Dogs are a constant companion through the adventures and bewilderment of childhood. Their excitement, joy and sadness trot in lockstep with a child’s. From sharing a frosty ice-cream cone on the front porch in the hot summer sun simply making a sloppy mess of it to Christmas morning mayhem pawing and clawing at a new toy that Santa brought the night before. A dog experiences life for the first time at the same time as a young child does. And although a child can teach a dog a new trick they will find that the student often times in their lives will become the teacher.

Most importantly, a dog’s true talent that makes it unique and wise beyond its years, is its ability to just be there, faithfully and without judgment. A dog provides comfort and company on the days when nothing can go right and no one could ever understand. They contently suffer in silence, quietly waiting by your side with the patience and compassion no human could ever possess.

Given the choice, there is not a moment of a child’s life that he or she will ever live that does not include their furry and sometimes drooly best friend. But inevitably, life will choose for them and that is the final lesson they teach us, loss.

A dog is with us for as far as they can go on our journey in life and when the vessel that carries them can go no further no matter how hard they fervently fight to stay, they will leave us better than when they found us.

Anyone who has ever loved a dog, the way a child does, when asked, he or she will recall with watery eyes and a trembling voice exactly where and when they had to say goodbye. Then without missing a beat, smile wide and chuckle as they tell you their dog was “unlike any other” and here’s why.

….I was at Red Bank Vet on Jan 13th, 2018 her name was Samoa, she was my little girl and she was unlike any other.

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