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Sure, there are a few businesses that don’t have websites these days — perhaps they manufacture multi-pack VHS tapes and parts for the fastest horse-drawn wagons in NJ! But seriously, admit it. Business websites are essential, no matter what size of enterprise you run. Whether you own a small, New Jersey-based jewelry boutique or a medium-sized construction company, you need a stellar website design to compete in the modern business landscape. If you don’t want your website to look like it was designed when Atari was cool, you’ll need a top digital marketing company with superior web design and development skills.

When you won’t settle for anything but less than an award-winning website design, turn to Peppermonkey Media in NJ. Located in the Jersey Shore community of Spring Lake, NJ, we’re more than just a website design company or web design agency—though we do design websites. Peppermonkey Media is a full-service digital marketing agency catering to the web marketing needs of small- and medium-sized business owners in NJ and beyond—including custom website design.  We develop marketing strategies for clients in many industries, including law firms, roofers, HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, financial services companies, health and fitness companies, restaurants, and more. If you have a company, we can enhance your internet presence, reach your target audience, and increase your bottom line through cutting-edge digital marketing.

How does our small boutique firm go head-to-head with the giant website design companies? By choice, we keep our growth slow and steady, so we can focus on our clients’ growth. This personal connection keeps us agile, giving us the power to be responsive to your needs while keeping an eye on the rapidly-evolving digital marketing landscape. With our innovative work on your web design and development project, you can expect to burn up your business niche and grab a high ROI with your new website. And don’t forget—we offer more than just design services. Our team can help you with a full range of internet marketing techniques, including SEO, social media, and much more.

Why Is It Important That Your Company Have an Attractive Website?

Customers use Google to browse the web for everything from new spots for dinner to HVAC repair services. While they’re not all web designers or graphic designers themselves, they’ve seen hundreds of high-quality websites—and they know when a site looks great and when it’s just . . . meh. They are picky. For visitors and potential customers, your website is likely the first impression your company makes. Think of it like a first date—if you show up in wrinkled clothes with onion breath, you’re probably not going to get a second date. If your website is bland and unappealing, that potential customer will likely keep searching for more snazzy websites to get what they need. To attract new customers and retain current ones, you’ll need a top-notch website that looks professional. Award-winning would be nice, too! We aim high. Don’t forget—your customers are on the move. Your website needs to look as awesome on mobile devices as on a laptop. If not optimized for mobile, your website will take a hit from search engines, your page ranking will drop, and visitors will go somewhere else. Opportunity lost.

Looks Are Important, But So Is Performance

When seeking a web design, be sure to hire a New Jersey-based marketer and web designer to optimize your online presence by developing the best web design and marketing plan for you. Whether starting a brand-new website or launching a website redesign, remember that loading speed and responsiveness are vital to successful search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google give top priority to websites having quicker load times. Plus, web users want an instant response. If they have to wait, they’ll click on to find another site that responds faster.

A good web design company will ensure that users can figure out where they need to go. Potential customers demand quick-and-easy access to information, goods, and services. If they get frustrated wandering around your website, they’ll find what they need elsewhere. Seamless accessibility is crucial to your company’s success. Don’t let poor design or website organization drive customers (and their dollars) away. Using a website should be easy. Our full-service New Jersey team puts in the work behind the scenes to optimize your site’s user experience.

How Does Peppermonkey Media’s Web Development and Design Process Work?

At Peppermonkey Media, we’re fun, creative, and a little tongue-in-cheek, but rest assured that we take your web design and development super-seriously. If you’ve been searching web design companies in NJ, you’ve come right to the top web marketing agency — Peppermonkey Media is New Jersey’s #1 web design and development company. We’re committed to a comprehensive approach that begins with an initial consultation and doesn’t end until we know your website is up, running, and meeting our sky-high standards. We take all the necessary steps to make sure you’re getting the best website design possible. Read on!

Let’s Talk About It

Before we start on our web design services, we meet to talk about ideas for your project. We want to hear all about your future business plans. Once we know where you want to take your company, we put our creative talents to work to make sure your website contributes to reaching your goals.

What’s Your Brand?

To attract and convert customers through consistent brand marketing, our full-service team will discuss your core brand concept as well as graphic design preferences, marketing plan, target audience, and more. In conversation with you, we’ll deliver a website design solution that will highlight your brand. Branding is a vital part of design development at each step.

We Speak in Code

Once our team understands your goals and identity, we’ll start coding your website. Our team of coders at Peppermonkey includes web design wizards who have a talent for and comprehension of the complex elements involved in generating an efficient and effective website. They cast their spells so well that they make it all look easy from the user experience side.

Any Response?

Darn right, there is! Responsiveness is a critical ranking factor for Google. During the coding process, we commit ourselves to making your website highly responsive. Not every web development company shares this dedication to responsiveness. For us, it’s a top priority.

You’re Quick and Compatible

Loading speed is another key component of SEO. Our coding team builds responsive websites with a reputation for speed. Peppermonkey Media also makes our sites compatible with a wide variety of web browsers. This compatibility testing may seem like a no-brainer, but not every web design firm conducts cross-platform testing.

Making Sure You’re Mobile

More people browse for goods and services with their phones than with their computers, so we’ll make sure your website is ideal for visitors on the go. Our design team creates sites optimized for mobile/smartphone access. Your customers should have a quality interface, no matter how they access your website.

You’re Not Getting Rid of Us That Fast

We don’t dump and run once we’re done with your website design. Our team of web developers will keep running tests on your site and optimizing your platform to ensure top website functionality. Whether you’re competing on a local, regional, or national level, your competitors will always be trying to come out on top. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you win the website battle to convert website visitors into customers.

Is There Anything Else?

We’ve talked about website design and development a lot here, but we want you to know we’re much more than a website design company. We offer a full list of digital marketing services, including:

  • SEO
  • Pay Per Click Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Maps Optimization
  • Link Building and Content
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Custom Email Design

If you need web design—or any help with websites—please contact us at Peppermonkey Media. Web development services? SEO strategy? Content creation? Expertise? Results? Success? If there’s a way you can reach potential customers digitally, we can help. And if we don’t have a way, we’ll find a way.


If you’re a NJ business owner starting on a website journey or taking on a website redesign, we know you probably have hundreds of questions. Do I need a content management system? Do custom websites cost more? Does my company need website designers and website developers? What is content marketing? Where do I go for New Jersey web design? If my company is in South Jersey, am I legally required to hire a NJ web design company?

Relax and take a few deep breaths. At Peppermonkey Media, websites are our area of expertise, along with a range of digital marketing services. We can answer a bunch of your questions when we sit down with you for an initial consultation, but here are a few common questions.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of enhancing both the quality and the quantity of the traffic to your website with organic search results. The SEO process and Google algorithms are complex and ever-changing. That’s why you need digital marketing experts like Peppermonkey Media on your side. We have the knowledge and tools to design SEO that works for your website, marketing, and company. Our experts can also help with SEO for small local businesses and websites. Even if your reach doesn’t extend past your NJ town’s borders, SEO is vital to your success.

What is pay-per-click advertising?

You’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? With pay-per-click advertising, you pay for what you get. Instead of paying a flat fee for a digital ad, you’ll only pay when a potential customer on the web clicks on one of your ads. It’s a great tool to enhance your brand awareness and conversion rate optimization.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the latest iteration of Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a high-powered tool with a ton of functionality for web applications. It’s not proprietary, so it’s ideal for cross-platform use. It’s a language we nerds at Peppermonkey Media understand, and we know how to make it work for your best website design.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. Once we design and build your website, you can manage it easily, even if you have no programming or graphic design experience. WordPress is responsible for the design behind nearly 40% of all web sites, and it’s open-source, so it’s free. We can use the WordPress marketing process to create everything from a single-user blog to a multi-user e-commerce site.

How long is this web design going to take?

If a train leaves Red Bank going 37 miles per hour…Forget it. We hate word problems. Websites and website problems are our jam, though. Each project runs on a different timeline, depending on its complexity. We can’t give you a definite answer on the cost of our web design services here, but we will after we get to know your business and your web needs a little better.

How much is this going to cost me?

If Jane has a bushel of bananas that cost $.54 each . . . Nope. We still hate word problems! The price of your web design and development project will vary depending on your needs and goals. If you own a small business, we know how much money matters. Money matters to bigger businesses, too. Feel free to contact us for a free quote and a better idea of how the project will impact your bottom line.

Who owns the finished website?

We’re really proud of our work, but we’ve got a bunch of bananas already. Once your web design project is complete, tested, and running smoothly, the site all yours.

Where did you get the name Peppermonkey?

Creative entrepreneurs hate to be bored. At a meeting, our founder, Vini Iachetta, noticed salt and pepper shakers on the table. He dumped some pepper on the table and started doodling. A giraffe, an elephant, a monkey. The monkey design was the best. A coworker dared him to name his new business venture Peppermonkey. We started with a doodle and a dare.

Top Reasons to Hire the NJ Web Design Team at Peppermonkey Media

We’ve geeked out about web design and answered some FAQs. You might still have one big question: Why should I choose Peppermonkey for my web design?

We Like You

Our boutique philosophy means that we limit our number of clients. We only take on one business per industry in any geographic area. We carefully vet our potential clients to make sure that we can have a strong, productive collaboration and help reach their goals. If we work together, we really like you. Choose a digital marketing agency that chooses you.

We Know Our Stuff

Experience matters in all industries and digital marketing is no exception. We have more than 15 years of experience managing $20+ million in marketing budgets in some of the most competitive industries in NJ and across the US.

Say you were building a new house in New Jersey. Would you take a chance on your cousin’s nephew’s best friend who dropped out of school and just picked up a hammer? Probably not. You’d hire the experienced contractor with a portfolio, references, and trusted reputation. When you’re searching website design companies in NJ, you don’t want to choose the web developer who just created a Facebook page to advertise its web design services. You want a web design company with solid experience, a list of satisfied clients, outstanding customer service, and proven success. That’s Peppermonkey Media.

We Design Results

We can offer you plenty of case studies to show you the real-world results we’ve achieved for businesses across a variety of industries in New Jersey and beyond. Our drive to accomplish life-changing results for your business is turbo-charged.

Monkey Business Is Guaranteed

Digital marketing doesn’t come in a package, so we can’t put our guarantee on a box. That guarantee is there just the same. And we can put it on our web site. Peppermonkey Media in NJ offers a 100% guarantee that our agency strategies will work for your business. We’ll give you internet marketing results or your money back. If you’re ready for a New Jersey digital agency that takes a comprehensive approach to your website design, look no farther than Peppermonkey Media.

We’re proud to be a New Jersey-based company offering custom websites and online marketing for small- and medium-sized businesses and brands across a variety of industries. Our nest of nerds cares about your digital marketing, online performance, and web design needs. We have the expertise to ensure that your website is the best one in your business space.

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