Things are constantly changing in the world of marketing, and with recent advances in technology, the pace is increasing. Keeping on top of trends is the key to success, so here are some things to focus your marketing efforts this year.

Content Is King

No matter how big or small your business is, web content can help drive ready buyers to your front door. Creating informative and engaging content is always going to advertise itself. People surf the web to read news, reviews, watch videos, and more. Making sure you have a rich content base can help ensure a long-lasting flow of targeted leads.

“Omnichannel” Marketing

You want to be everywhere your customers are, and you want them to be able to connect with your business in their own way. Each part of your online presence should work seamlessly with any other, making it easy for your customers to find your business in one place and complete their connection in a more comfortable venue. If you’re only targeting leads through social media, you may miss out on traffic that would come from your website and vice versa. Making sure someone can easily move from one to another is going to be crucial in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is incredibly adept at finding patterns in behavior and habits. Chatbots can act as full-time employees, directing potential customers where they want to go and answer the questions those customers will have about your products or services. AI will become ever more important in the fast-paced digital world for years to come. These days, artificial intelligence is able to find the best places on the web to place your advertisements, and automatically and accurately place bids to ensure you receive the highest quality of traffic for your money. On top of that, every smart home device like the Alexa and Google Home Hub use a form AI to answer questions, reorder products and turn your lights on and off.


People buy from those they know and trust, right? A good way to instill trust in someone is to let that person feel like he or she is more than just a customer. Mom-and-Pop places have always delivered in this regard. You’ve got to build relationships with your customers. More and more, companies are starting to create custom content and advertising based on search and purchase data from around the web. By creating tailored content, customers can feel like you’re speaking directly to them and are often more likely to sign up or make a purchase.


Video marketing has been increasing in popularity for nearly a decade, and incorporating video into your marketing efforts is still something you should focus on, especially in the realm of live video. Voice searches are also becoming important, as more and more people begin to use internet-connected artificial intelligence like Alexa and Siri. Voice content will help you make sure your company is talked about when potential customers speak to their devices. Audio in the form of podcasts is steadily on the rise and replacing radio as it’s the only form of media that is consumed while still be able to multitask.

In 2019, you may find yourself producing new types of content; but if you do, and leverage artificial intelligence to help you do so, you’ll be sure to keep ahead of the competition this year!

If your business would like to take on or refresh some of these key digital marketing tactics this year, contact the digital marketing experts at Peppermonkey Media today.