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We live in a technology-driven world. Without a quality online presence, your business will be left in the dust—Peppermonkey is your marketing GPS for the digital realm. We are a full-service digital marketing agency based out of Spring Lake Heights, NJ, offering a virtual helping hand to businesses across New Jersey, New York, and beyond. Our premium online marketing strategies for small businesses feature customized cutting-edge digital marketing techniques sure to improve your online presence, rocket your company to the top of search engine results, and appeal to new and existing customers alike. Get in touch with our team today to request a free quote and take the first step to transform your business’s digital presence.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all forms of Internet advertising, including social media, your website, paid advertisements, and more—if it’s online and designed to grow your business, chances are it classifies as digital marketing. As you might have guessed from that definition, there’s a lot more to it than good web design. Where your website ranks on Google, the way your business interacts with customers through social media, and the content on your website can all dramatically impact your company’s sales.

Digital marketing creates faster, more visible results than traditional marketing strategies. The days of hoping customers see your billboard or hear your catchy commercial jingle are long gone. When we implement digital marketing techniques for your company, we set our sights on your brand’s market niche targeting potential clients everywhere they spend time on the web, whether than be hitting the search bars or posting selfies on social media.

We’ll analyze the success of those techniques and view evidence of their impact on your business to tailor our approach to best benefit your company. Many NJ digital marketing agencies use a cookie-cutter approach—not at Peppermonkey!

When we say we are a full-service digital marketing agency, we mean we tackle all aspects of your business’s online presence down to the finest details, from web design to social media to SEO. When you hire our award-winning digital marketing team, we’ll implement a strategic internet marketing program that delivers results that you can see, guaranteed.

How It Works

The first step is to find out where you’re at in the digital marketing world now—your current digital marketing details. Then we can plot a course for where you’d like to be and the markets you’d like to reach.  After that, all that’s left to do is get to work on the marketing efforts necessary to get there. That may include high-quality websites, social media management, SEO tweaks, and more—but you can count on our results-driven techniques to bring in new business and increase your sales.

Website Design & Development Marketing

Whether your company has a brick-and-mortar location or is entirely online, high-quality web design is key to your business’s success. But your website needs to do more than just look nice and be easy to navigate. It also needs to accurately reflect your values and style—what sets you apart from other brands. Your website design plays a role in reputation management, or how people view your brand and services.

Our digital marketing team implements a variety of web design techniques, including graphic design and strategic content placement, to create a website that represents your company’s branding flawlessly, right down to the smallest details. We use the latest technology and best web development tools to ensure that your website is modern and runs smoothly. As a leading website design company in NJ, we have the expertise and training needed to craft a unique and user-friendly website that will smash the competition and turn your business into an industry leader.

Content Marketing

Aside from having a well-built web design, your site needs to be full of valuable content that encourages viewers to act. Content should be relevant to your customer base and brand, answer frequently asked questions about your industry and convince viewers to contact your company or purchase your products.

Content marketing focuses on optimizing your website’s content through high-quality writing, keyword placement, and layout. Our team will develop optimized web content to place strategically throughout your site that communicates your branding and helps your business grow.

Search Engine Marketing

There’s no point in having a high-quality web design if customers never see your website. Our award-winning search engine marketing services focus on increasing your site’s visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Safari through paid advertising. We know how to beat out the other brands and get your site to the top of the search results, which persuades more viewers to click on your page and learn about your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When was the last time you clicked a link on the second page of Google search results? Probably never. The further from the Google top spot your website ranks, the less likely searchers are to find your site.  Don’t settle for anything less than page one!

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a vital component of digital marketing. Proper optimization increases your website’s search engine rankings among similar brands or services. SEO works in a cycle: the more web traffic you have, the higher your SEO ranking. The higher your SEO, the more web traffic you’ll receive. When our team designs your website, we’ll strategically implement keywords and links throughout your web content to ensure it ranks higher than other businesses in search results.

Social Media Engagementx

It seems every man, woman, child, and pet in NJ has a social media account these days—there are even a few trees and rocks racking up followers. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, social media is everywhere. Naturally then, these websites also help businesses grow and interact with customers. You need a company social media account to connect with your target audience, provide information about your services and special deals, and improve your SEO by driving traffic to your site.

We know that managing a Facebook or Instagram account isn’t one of your business’s top priorities, and that’s why we set up your account and offer long-term consulting for your social media pages. Our team will take care of all the details and help you understand what your social media analytics say about your company, how it compares to other brands, and how to weaponize this information to beat your sales goals and secure leads.

Email Marketing

While the first thing that comes to mind when you think of email marketing may be all those spam emails you never read, when done right, email marketing is still a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Emails can allow your company to contact leads and customers, especially the rare few who don’t frequently use social media. You can send emails to remind people of your services, promote special offers, encourage customers to tell others about your business, and increase traffic to your website.

Our team will design an email marketing campaign that appeals to your target audience and utilizes techniques to help you gain more email subscribers—all without landing in the spam folder.
These strategies have helped brands across New Jersey and beyond improve their online presence and grow their customer base. Contact our team today to learn more about our evidence-based marketing approach.

Our Services

Our marketing team has whipped up quite the power pack of digital marketing services, each carefully crafted to improve your website’s traffic and help you stand out from other brands.

  • Custom Web Design & Development
    Your website design is the ultimate reflection of your company and a major component of business development. Our marketing team utilizes the best web design techniques to build your company’s website from scratch. We will customize the layout, content, and graphic design to attract customers and optimize user experience.
  • Paid Search Advertising:
    Advertisements are most successful when they appear on a heavily trafficked page. We’ll optimize your website’s rankings through strategic paid advertisements.
  • Maps Optimization:
    People use Google Maps to discover and locate new businesses. Our team will make sure your website appears high on the Maps SEO rankings to attract users to your site.
  • Custom Email Design:
    Our in-house design experts will create a personalized email template that fits the style and goals of your brand so that you can connect with your customer base.
  • Link Building & Content:
    Our team will utilize SEO to optimize the placement of links to your site and increase your web traffic.
  • Local Search Optimization:
    Regional businesses strive to create a local customer base. Our office will help your brand stand out in the search results of consumers in your area, be it New Jersey or any other state.
  • Pay-Per-Click Management:
    Our digital marketing team will design intelligently targeted ad campaigns that increase leads and send traffic to your website.

We design each of these internet marketing services to reflect your branding strategy and improve business development, overall helping your company grow. Contact our NJ marketing agency team today to learn more about how these services can bring in new business.


What Is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is the established plan or pathway that lays out all the details about meeting your digital goals. When you hire us, we’ll work with your company to design a strategy that fits your budget and timeline. Our team will also help you create website development goals based on our knowledge of the industry, and we’ll show you every step of our process to meet those goals.

How Often Should I Update My Website?

The most effective websites stay fresh, just like all other aspects of technology. If you don’t update your website every so often, the site begins to lose its SEO relevance and eventually disappears from viewers’ search results. We highly recommend updating your web content once every few months at the least and hiring a NJ digital marketing agency—like us— to revamp your site every three to four years. Even if your website is high quality and beautiful, the benefits of the design will wear off if you do not maintain the site over time.

Does SEO Change Over Time?

Your SEO rankings fluctuate each day. Any changes to your website could improve or hurt your rankings, and the activity of other websites could move your site up or down the list. Google is also continually changing their ranking algorithm. Working with a quality NJ digital marketing agency—again, like us, we’re only dropping ever so subtle hints here—to examine your SEO regularly is an effective way to keep your brand at the top of the search results.

What Social Media Channels Should Businesses Use?

All of them—ideally, at least. More realistically, the social media channels your business needs to be on depends on your customer base and target audience. Some companies target the younger generation that spends more time on sites like Instagram and Snapchat. Agencies who target professionals may prefer to utilize LinkedIn over other sites. We’ll analyze your desired customer base to determine which social media channels your company should focus on as part of your unique digital marketing strategy.

Why is Peppermonkey Media the Best Digital Marketing Agency in NJ?

Peppermonkey Media is one of the top digital marketing agencies in New Jersey, and in general, for a reason. Actually, make that several reasons.

Hand-Selected Clients

Unlike other digital marketing agencies in NJ, we partner with a limited number of clients to ensure that we can devote the necessary time and expertise to each one. We also only work with one business in each industry in a set geographical area to minimize competition among our clients—you’re our one and only! Because of our strong working relationship with our clients, we can better understand their brands and tailor our services to meet their marketing needs.

Extensive Experience

Our NJ-based team has over 15 years of experience helping 100+ clients in the digital marketing and technology industries, so we know the best ways to market your brand on the Internet. We regularly work with clients that have offices across all 50 States, from New Jersey to New York, to California, so you can trust our team to provide you with the best digital marketing services and web solutions around.

Real-World Results

We don’t just guess which strategy will work for your brand—we don’t have to. We know it’s all in the details. The results-driven approach we employ for each of our services demonstrates the quality and success of our marketing decisions. From design to development to execution, our team has real-life evidence that shows we know how to do our jobs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hiring a digital agency doesn’t have to be a risky business decision. We’re so sure of our success in this industry that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services. If our strategies don’t work for you, we’ll give you your money back — no monkey business. (But trust us, they will work).

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Whether you are an HVAC contractor, a law firm, or a local deli, we have the marketing techniques you need to help your brand thrive in the digital world, bring in leads, and improve sales. Contact our team at Peppermonkey Media today to see for yourself the ways that our marketing team can help your company succeed online.

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