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Of course, you want to grow your company, but do you know how to do that?  We do—and it’ll take more than just one marketing approach. Digital content marketing services let you reach people you can’t connect with through outdated approaches like direct mail or paper ads. Using email, blog posts, social media posts, and more, you can expand your presence, promote your brand, and get noticed. After all, why limit yourself? There’s no limit to the customers the Internet can offer!

Peppermonkey Media is a leading New Jersey advertising agency offering online advertising, marketing, and management to take your brand and business to the next level. Our creative team can put together a  strategy to help you get your audience’s attention and increase your sales.

What Is a Digital Advertising Strategy?

A digital advertising strategy encompasses all your online marketing and advertising efforts and the direction you’d like them to take your company. Strategy and brand development help you reach customers and clients to increase sales of your products. Whether you put out most of your content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere, you’ll get leads when you use marketing campaigns to your advantage. NJ advertising agencies like us help companies like yours get where they want to be with their campaign.

How Does a Digital Advertising Strategy Work?

There’s a long list of things you can do to set yourself apart from the competition—and not all of them will do so in a good way. Step one is learning what your audience needs and creating a strategy that will benefit them and your brand in the process.

Who better to help you with that than a top NJ ad agency like ours? Our creative team will help you develop your strategy by:

  • Building a persona for your customers
  • Making a list of your advertising goals
  • Learning about your existing campaign, if you have one
  • Planning and developing a new campaign
  • Talking further about your brand goals and the tools you need to reach them
  • Implementing those tools, strategies, and analytics to improve your marketing 

You can use White Papers to offer additional information about your business and products. Put a case study (or several) on your website, so visitors can see who you’ve helped and how. If you’re an award-winning company, say so, and build up your brand awareness with positive public relations. The more you can demonstrate your experience and expertise in different categories within your industry, the more likely you will build a better relationship with clients and attract new ones to your brand.

Why Do You Need a Digital Advertising Strategy?

A digital ad agency can help you pinpoint the message you should share with clients and customers. With a consistent voice, you’ll create a solid brand image that promotes business development. You’ll also establish a relationship with your customers that will keep them coming back. Our media planning team will help you hit the top of the search results and tailor a winning digital ad strategy for you. The more you appear in front of customers, the higher your website traffic will be

Don’t guess what your audience wants—let our marketing team show you, with a digital advertising strategy that highlights how you can give it to them. Even better, our strategy will get everyone in your company on the same page, which can mean the difference between stagnating and becoming an award-winning business.

How Should You Advertise on Different Platforms?

Your business is unique. Your advertising should be too, specifically, based on your product and the audience you want to reach. Before you start advertising, marketing, and interacting with customers, consider who needs the service or product your company sells. If your audience is mainly on social platforms, you won’t get your message out with blog posts and email campaigns. Likewise, if most of your website visitors find you through Google searches, you’ll want to rank on the first search return page.

You can also use marketing to your advantage on your website. For example, a case study will show customers how you’ve helped people like them in the real world. When you say that you’re the best, having at least one case study will show that you have proof to back it up. No matter how you use marketing, be sure to focus on the relationship between you and your customer for successful brand development.

Social Media Brand Marketing

Your social followers will come to recognize you by your image, so make sure your brand has a recognizable logo design. Keep your message and brand voice consistent, too. People like surprises in the form of sales and other benefits—not your company’s response to them. You can use social platforms for project or product announcements, to show off your services, connect with people and companies, and share memes, because who doesn’t have a meme or two to share. We’ll help your brand manage multiple social accounts so that you can offer the best service to your followers and make sure they see every promotion you post.

Our NJ-based marketing team can help you advertise to clients using these platforms and promote the right kind of content. You can also use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to draw customers based on their interests. Using visual platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat can expand your reach with tags, promotions, and exclusive content, as well. Our agency can help with all the above and more!

Public Relations Advertising

Public relations range from radio advertising to news features, and they’re important for your business. An ad agency can help get you noticed for public relations opportunities, whether they come in the form of an interview or client connections. Many PR outlets want to feature award-winning brands and businesses. Our agency team will get your company or service noticed by PR outlets so that you can appear in more of those features.


What kind of digital marketing approach should my business use?

That depends on your brand, business, and goals. Do you want to show off your stunning new package design on YouTube or TikTok? Are you focused on connecting with other professionals? Does your brand thrive on customer interaction? Each platform and strategy offers something different for various brands. Your choice should send your message most effectively.

How long will it take to see results when I work with your marketing agency?

Any case study will show you that a general marketing campaign will show results within about a year. When you have a short-term digital advertising plan, you may notice traffic coming in sooner.

Top Reasons to Hire Our New Jersey Digital Marketing Agency

Peppermonkey Media is a full-service advertising agency located in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey,  serving the entire state of NJ, including clients nationwide. We’re not just an agency—we’re a team that cares about your business, and we pride ourselves on doing things differently.

Individual Attention

We’ve stayed smaller than most agencies on purpose so that we can give you highly personalized, attentive service. We want you to know you’re working with the best team for your business, so we focus on your growth first.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Peppermonkey Media, we’re confident in our service, success, and abilities—we know we’re at the top of our field. In case you’re not so sure, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don’t think we’ve given you the best you can get.

Unparalleled Experience

Using our years of experience and expertise, our New Jersey advertising agency has helped award-winning companies increase their reach across the world. Our clients know they’re working with people who can get proven results. We’re glad to furnish references.

Better Strategies

We show you the analytics to prove that our strategies work and why they put us above other agencies. Whether you want to rank locally for your NJ-based company or work toward a wider reach, we can help.

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