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So you’ve built your website, and you’re ready for the visitors to start flowing in, but maybe they’re not … How do you get people to find your website, let alone visit and come back? Here are some great ways to start letting potential customers or connections know about your website. Some of them are even free of charge!

1. Advertise

If you’ve got a budget, whether big or small, one of the most obvious ways to generate traffic to your website is through good old fashioned advertising. You’ve got to let people know what you have, and there are many companies that are great at connecting interested parties to their clients. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest and more all have self serve advertising platforms that you can use to fire up a targeted campaign start bringing new visitors to your site right away or you can hire an experienced PPC marketing agency to manage the campaigns for you.


2. Make Your Site Fast and Responsive

When people do visit your website, they’re going to want it to work quickly. Consumers’ attention spans are varied; but more often than not, you’ve only got a few seconds to impress before your visitors give up and click that oh-so-dreaded back button on their browser. If you want people to come back after their first visits, make sure your site works the way your visitors expect.


3. Be a Social Butterfly

Talking about your content on social media can be a great way of getting your name out and generating relevant traffic to your website. Get into conversations on Facebook and answer questions. If you sell something, show everyone what you’ve got on image-heavy social sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat. Not to mention – if you’re doing it yourself, this type of social promotion could be completely free!


4. Search Engine Optimization

You’re definitely going to want to be sure people are finding your website when they search the internet for things related to your website. You can do this by wording your content in a way that ensures the artificial intelligence that hunts down search results find your content, and deem it the best fit for what the user is searching.


5. Create a Lead Magnet & Capture Emails

One great way to capture a new audience is to create a compelling offer to join your email list. This can be a free email series of top tips, a short ebook, or an exclusive coupon. Services like MailChimp, Aweber and more offer easy to use platforms to capture emails and then send your content directly to the user’s inbox. They even provide code that can embed a popup or form on your site to seamlessly collect user info and opt them into your email list. This will undoubtedly create interest and recurring traffic for your website and many services like MailChimp offer a free package to get started.


6. Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular and can be a great segue to your website. If a user enjoys watching the content you’re putting out onto sites that they’re already visiting, like Youtube and Facebook, they may be just as likely to come and view the content directly on your website!


7. Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing

If your competition is producing video content, communicating with the customer base on a personal level, and leveraging certain tools to increase their traffic, you should strive to do the same – but better. And if they’re not using the above methods to generate traffic, you now know how to swoop in and grab the traffic that they are missing!


If your website is missing out on the kind of traffic it deserves, contact the digital marketing experts at Peppermonkey Media today. 

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